About CF

Control Freaks is basically just a place to help promote and support the sport of Advanced Motorcycle Skills Competition. I call it Motorodeo. It does not put any rider above another. It doesn't rank any school or training. It doesn't favor Police or Civilian riders over the other. It doesn't aim to do anything more than celebrate this great sport and the folks who make it so amazing.

I hope to make this page more of a resource center where you can find all of the things pertinent to Motorodeo in one place. The store will become a background feature to Event Calendars, Training Directories, Pattern Libraries, Practice Lots in your area and more. This store format offered the best solution for bringing all of my big-picture projects together, so it will start here and evolve. 

A lot of the t-shirt designs are weak right now and the prices for these products are high. This will change as soon as I can make it happen. I will commission better artists and I will print/produce the more popular items locally. This will bring quality up and price down and I look forward to doing this as soon as possible.

I would also like to help any of my conehead family members sell their wares here. I am not entirely sure how to do this yet, but I would love to provide a marketplace for all of us to sell our products and services to each other in one place. This could be as simple as posting a link to your own sales channels to keep your pricing, inventory and quality control in place and consistent. 

There is much, much more to come, but  this has already run long.