Crowdfunding Details

Hello, All.

(the important stuff is at the bottom, in bold)

I would like to explain this crowdfunding situation to you. I have been trying for over almost 6 years to purchase the equipment I need to print t-shirts. A few years ago I started working on shirts to promote this sport. The cost to print my designs on all of the shirts I'd need, in all of the sizes I'd need and then to store them safely was outside of my financial means (and still is). I've looked into every possible print-on-demand option since then and very few showed much potential without charging $30-$35 per shirt. My best option was pre-order. So, here we are. 

Our main goal, Plan A, is to sell 2500 total shirts (units) in 30 days so that we can buy the equipment to produce these shirts ourselves. It's a lofty goal and a bit of a long shot. So, I decided to get in touch with a local printer that I trust and set up a more realistic goal. Plan B will allow us to print the most popular shirts by a third party, if at least a dozen shirts are sold of any specific design. We need to sell at least 12 units of each design to meet our third party printer's minimum quantity. Plan B will put a shirt in your hand, but will not allow for future stock of these t-shirts in the store. Only Plan A can keep the shirts in stock after the campaigns end.

We have a pre-order campaign going for every t-shirt in the store. If we can reach 2500 shirts total over all of the campaigns, then we will buy the equipment to produce all of these shirts ourselves regardless of how many of each design is sold. Example: 1200 units of Addicted, 1000 units of Orange Crush, 300 units of Motor Skills sold = 2500 units sold, and all 15+ designs will be printed and made available in the store (along with 40+ more designs on deck). 

Once we have our own equipment, we can print YOUR crazy designs too. We can print any number of shirts you want. We can print any design. We can supply you with your own, unique, one-of-a-kind shirt or any number of them. We can supply your group with a set of team shirts unique to your team only. We can supply your event with its own custom shirts. We can be your resource for custom t-shirts (relating to this sport or not) and we want to be. That is our goal. We all have great ideas at times that we would love to see on a t-shirt and maybe even offered for sale. We can help you with that if we reach our overall goal of 2500 shirts in 30 days on this campaign. 

Regardless of whether we reach the main goal or not, all fully-funded campaign orders will be delivered sometime between mid-September and early-October.

Fully-funded campaigns will be printed and shipped, but will not be available for future purchase in the store unless we reach our main goal of 2500 total units sold. Once the campaigns end, the shirts will be labeled as sold out. If the total sold isn't close to 2500, there will be no chance to purchase these at a later date.

Any shirt purchased from a campaign that does not get fully funded (12 units) will have that sale refunded and all t-shirts will be marked as SOLD OUT. They will no longer be available for purchase in the store unless a future campaign is run or unless Plan A works out.

If we can reach our goal of 2500 total units sold, ALL shirts will be printed, all orders will be delivered and all designs will be made available in the store for future purchase. This is why it is important to us to reach that goal. We want to keep these designs available in stock and we want to have the means to print YOUR personal designs for you. Getting the equipment is key to all of this and selling 2500 units is key to that. 

Wish us luck.

Better yet, buy a shirts or two and spread the word. Thanks.


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