The Control Freaks Logo Explained

At first glance, many people will just see a scary skull with an open mouth and pointy fangs, but that's not what is presented here. The skull's mouth is actually not even visible. It is hidden behind the cones he is looking over. This logo consists of the circle, the gate cones, the obstacle cones and Mort (the skull). The animation here will illustrate that for you.

Also, below this animation, is a poetic masterpiece that I penned myself (Keep in mind that I crash my motorcycle repeatedly in parking lots for fun. I don't write poems. Gimme a break here).


This is Mort - mortality.
Mort comes for each and all.
He smiles at all our failures, and laughs at every fall.
Mort hopes we’ll quit our training.
If we quit, we’re easy prey.
We just look at Mort and whisper “Sorry, not today.”
We all know the day will come, 
When Mort declares his win.
Today, with due respect, “Fuck you, Mort.” Lets go again.