3" Winged CF Logo Patch

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Do you enjoy riding around a parking lot in 1st gear doing circles all day, avoiding cones that you intentionally put in your own way? Do you clean Bleeding Ulcers? Do you pride yourself on not putting a foot down for your entire ride home in rush-hour traffic? Do you compete with other maniacs who enjoy these things too? If you answered 'yes' to any or all of these, then you are probably a Control Freak.

No better way to let folks know that you know your way around the Tiger Den, than by sewing this tiny piece of embroidery on your jacket. This patch says it all. Not really. You'll have to explain it to most people, but after you do, then it says it all. 

This patch is small – measuring roughly 3" x 1.25". It subtly identifies and promotes you as a competition motorodeo competitor. This patch is intended to be worn on a riding jacket (right side sleeve preferred to present the arrow advancing forward, or on the front of the jacket). If there is interest, a left-side version will be produced.

It has an iron-on backing, but iron-on is not recommended for permanently securing it to your jacket. This should be used to secure in place for sewing to the jacket. Iron-on backing may adhere better to a cotton shirt without the need for sewing, but do this at your own risk and don't blame the guy who designed it.